Thursday, July 15, 2010

Along with Dennis the Menace this is one of my favorit shows!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Elephant anyone???

Came across something very might have been saved on a computer at work..I laughed by myself on floor 11 and then for an hour with Ken on floor 15...she then proceeded to email me both items that were once on display...I get nervous when i accidentally open it on my hotmail when I am at school...the laughing begins yet again...oh thank you, thank you "A.N." Made my whole week!!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3rd of July:
This is one of my favorite holidays not only because its now summer and all the grey freezing rain and slushy spring is gone but because for a good half hour you get to sit with your lover and watch fireworks!
Curt and I went swimming which was a first for Curt in about 2years and 9months and my first for this summer! What a blast I forget how much fun swimming can be. racing to the other side of the pool, tea parties, hands up stands up, and the marco polo game! After swimming we grabbed some lunch and headed off to play golf with my brother Jason his wife Marci and new baby Elin! The boys mostly played while Marc and I hit a few balls and chatted in the cart! (I don't know how people don't get a cart, golf wouldn't be the same without one!!!!) We then proceeded on to dinner, I got to pick where; of course I chose NYPD pizza(i always want to go there) with no complaint Curt agreed!!! It was perfect, the sun was on its way down so the sky turned all orange and pinky, we decided to sit outside to enjoy the warmth and the great view! I sipped on my DC and hung out with Curt loved it! After all that we headed to the classic fireworks spot...behind Target! Pulled out the old green quilt and sat with curt while the various blaring American tunes were played during the firework show...we danced to the band that followed the fireworks (Curt was such a good sport about it he knows how much i love doing that!) We met up with some friends at SOnic (blue coconut slush is delisious) it is a must have the next time you go!
Officially the 4th of July!!!
I am going to skip the day activity count and move on to night time events...
For Curt and I this was pretty special we spent our 4th of July's away from each other for the past two years..yes this could be cheesey, okay it is but we both always thought of the other on the 4th of July and only wanted to be with each other and this year we got to! We went up to the rodeo in Draper and watch fireworks just us no busy Target area that night. It was just our time to be with each other. We were so happy that this year we could be together and enjoy this holiday! One of the best weekends! Love this holiday!!!
(sorry there are no pictures)