Friday, May 28, 2010

Oh Darrel (not really)

(thanks goes out to DESI for the finding of this!!!)

What would the world would be like if we were like this baby chicka!

Again ode to the one I love!!!!

I wasn't there to see it in person thanks to abo-shamaa I was able to see the great news!!!!

This girl will be an amazing missionary. She is a fabulous friend and will most definitely change lives! She has already changed mine, love you Jaime! Congrats on the call!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010



She has finally arrived...yep you guessed it!!!!!

I couldn't love her more, she is perfection!

Best wedding Ever

My best friend and cousin got married on Thursday! I love her so much and love her new husband Brady too!


Adventure Land

I realized that Curt and I have a ton of fun together...who doesn't when they realize they are in love right?! Well two saturdays ago Curt surprised me with a day of adventures. I guess it really started on friday night; some of mine and Curts friends made a ginormous fort! It consisted of a huge fort room and little paths leading to a bunch of separate baby rooms! We had a big slumber party in the main room of the fort! And of course anyone that has a sleep over with me knows I hate being the only one awake in the morning so they all got woken up earlier then they were all expecting!!!!(saturday morning) we went and played tennis on south mountain that over looked the whole valley(secret court)..Curt always puts a wager on our games cuz he always I owe him dinner(and a kiss)! After the game we met up with my brother Brian + fiance Emily for NYPD pizza in draper! Amazing food and they have a killer deal right now, so get your skinny butts down there; its right next to the new Harmon's. The day doesn't end here; we then got to go to the REAL GAME! Real came through for us with 3 goals, smashing the other team! MAN I LOVE SOCCER!!!!! Following the game we went back to my parents house to watch part of the Jazz game and eat my favorite dinners chicken tacos! Dang those Lakers....GO SUNS!!!!! To end the night we rode with my brother Jason + his wife Marci to met my sister Mary + her husband Todd to watch the new Iron Man 2 in the IMAX theater! I am obsessed with Iron man! It wasn't as good as the 1st but well worth going and seeing! Needless to say it was the best day!
THis is a recap for the "I" "I" love you "you" post below!

Thanks JP

Monday, May 10, 2010

A little Rick and Ken action at work!

"whoa with tricks like that you should be on stage!"

I love working with Ken and all the crazy shiz she does!